Maroš Dzurus: «Spirit of the future – Mezquavit, a hybrid between the smoky mezcal and spicy aquavit»

Maroš Dzurus: «Spirit of the future – Mezquavit, a hybrid between the smoky mezcal and spicy aquavit»

Maroš Dzurus: «Spirit of the future – Mezquavit, a hybrid between the smoky mezcal and spicy aquavit»

Last year, Maroš Druzus, Head bartender in Himkok bar (Oslo, Norway), took part in BAROMETER together with his team. For the three days they were mixing signature cocktails for guests of the Bar Show, and from the main stage they presented a concept of the bar, rated among The World’s 50 Best Bars. Maroš is flying to BAROMETER 2018 again, but this year as a speaker. Together with Odd Strandbakken they will discuss advantages of collaboration, and in the meantime, read our interview with Maroš, where he told us about his favourite alcohol, described a cocktail sold 63 000 units of and shared where he wants to open a bar.


How many glasses a day you usually serve (on busy Friday)?

This number varies in the different bars. In the distillery bar we have fewer seats and a more elaborate menu, so one bartender will serve around 200 cocktails per night. In the Taptail bar we have a much bigger venue and one bartender will serve 500 cocktails per night.


How many glasses a day you usually drink?

We consume many glasses of water.


How much ice do you use in the bar per Friday night?

800kg divided between three bars.


What is the funniest cocktail name you ever heard/invented yourself?

Humble Bee, created by our friends at Pjolter og Punsj and the inspiration was our humble friend Chris Grotvedt.


What is the most popular cocktail in your bar now?

Beta Cocktail is our most popular cocktail for the last three years and as we have sold 63 000 units it has become somewhat of a signature cocktail.


What is the most unpopular (underestimated) cocktail these days?

The flips, guests are easily scared when they hear it contains a whole raw egg.


What you could name a spirit of the future (nearest or far)?

Mezquavit, a hybrid between the smoky mescal and spicy Aquavit.


What was the weirdest cocktail you ever made/tried/saw in your life?

The Grasshopper Pina Colada from Native bar in Singapore was the most unexpectedly delicious cocktail I ever had.


What would you like to invent?

Something that improves our health in the industry.


What spirit is the most fabulous for you? Why?

Aquavit, the potential of it is just now starting to show.


What is the spirit/cocktail you could never make yourself to drink? Why?

I will drink anything in good company. I haven’t yet discovered a spirit/cocktail that I can’t enjoy.


What is the best part of bartending for you?

Bartending is never constant and it always evolves.


What did your job teach you?

It has taught me how to be a better host.


What’s a bad habit you have?

I’m a dreamer and I trust that the dream will come true.


What superpower would you most like to have? Or what is it if you already have one?

My dream superpower would be to make people in our industry truly honest.


When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself up?

Go to the gym to disperse of the energy and clean my mind.


If you could trade lives with one person for a day who would it be?

A Tibetan monk.


What is so special about bartenders?

The community and ability to have a brotherhood/sisterhood across cultures, languages and visions.


Is there a life on Mars?

Not yet, lets open a bar there.